Brazilian born designer Silvia D’Avila takes inspiration from her travels, museum visits, strolls in the city and from the material that she finds when creating.

With background in Arts, Silvia worked for almost 20 years in the corporate world before moving to New York when Jewelry Design became her art expression. Silvia developed IZA in 2011 with the intention of merging art with the intimacy of jewelry. IZA quickly evolved in its use of materials and has since developed into the full line of  jewelry that it is today. The brand is ever-experimenting with the boundaries of traditional jewelry.

Inspired by the tradition of art breaking with convention, IZA offers a new perspective on jewelry with a thoughtful balance of tension & scale. IZA re-contextualizes jewelry into unexpected arrangements and modern silhouettes. The pieces deliver the experience of art through simple & valuable objects.

Our selection of jewelry is defined by signature contour shapes, unexpectedly material arrangements, and other worldly stones at a times. All IZA jewelry is crafted in New York with the best quality materials.

IZA’s pieces are very organic, bold and kinetic. Aesthetically, she goes for versatile and easy to wear. She refers to her jewelry as mini sculptures for each piece is single. Her materials are mostly brass and copper with gemstone accents. She employs various techniques which give them a signature look, including unique cuts. The result is a look of elegance and modernity.

Since its launch IZA has been recognized by publications such as Vogue, L'Officiel, ELLE to name a few, and has been worn by celebrities such as Alicia Keys, Cardi B, India Arie amongst others.